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  Thanks to Facebook’s & Instagram’s constant censorship of posts and shakedown for money…we are going to once again be sharing Crane Show Pigs news & events here on our blog. It’s a shame that our 12,000+ fans on Facebook aren’t seeing our posts, due to Facebook only ‘serving up’ our content to less than […]

Fall 2015 Sale Flyer

Mark your calendars! 100+ litters available this Fall.

September 1st – First day to make on-the-farm appointments We will take reservations for late September thru November on-the-farm visits, beginning September 1st. Before you dove hunters call and complain about the date, just know we will start accepting phone calls ONE HOUR BEFORE SUNRISE…that way you can take care of booking your appointment before you […]

It’s more than the win…


This is more than a winner photo. It is a testament to friendship and how there is more to life than just winning. This event, and photo, took place at the Colorado Junior Swine Association’s sanctioned show in Pueblo, yesterday. The Anthony Ingo Memorial Show consists of two shows, in one day, at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. […]