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Question: How do the Crane Show Pigs’ delivery trips work?

Answer: Our FREE delivery trips are designed for those people who can’t make it to the farm, and instead want Steve to pick out their showpig. You are always welcome to come to the farm and pick out your own pigs. But, we also understand when you can’t make it. This time of the year is very busy for families and then, when you add in time off work and the cost of fuel, it is nice to be offered a money and time saving opportunity!

Question: How does Steve pick our showpig?

Answer: He picks pigs for you based on several criteria – which are all provided by you. Steve needs the following information from you… 1. What is the date of your show? This will help him determine the right age pig for your particular show(s). 2. What are the top end and bottom end weights of your show? 3. What type of pigs are you wanting – gilt or barrow? 4. Do you have a breed preference – Hamps, Yorks, Bluebutts, etc…? 5. Do you need an easy feeder or, are you an experienced feeder? 6. What do you want to spend per showpig? We have pigs priced for all budgets. Pigs are priced according to pedigree, body confirmation, and size. Steve has been raising showpigs for 25+ years. His detailed records enable him to know which sow lines have consistently raised champions, and we share all of that with you. Steve picks pigs based on your needs – and once he picks out your pig, we EMAIL you with earnotch information, pedigrees and birth dates. Every pig on our delivery trips are pre-sold. They are not any extras brought along, nor do we ‘sell off the trailer’.

Question: Are your pigs individually photographed so we can pick one online?

Answer: As much as we would like to do this, we simply do not have the manpower nor the time to set-up and photograph every single pig. We offer 90 litters, and between chores and daily farm visitors, we just don’t have enough hours in the day to do it. We are not offering these pigs via ONLINE AUCTION, they are instead offered via CUSTOM ORDER. By doing this, we are saving us time and you money! If we were ever able to photograph each and every pig, we’d be doing online auctions and letting customer demand dictate the prices, rather than Steve pricing them.

Question: Can I come to the farm, pick out a pig and then have you deliver it to me?

Answer: We are able to hold pigs, for delivery, for just a few days. We do not have the facilities to separate the ‘purchased and hold’ pigs away from our ‘available to purchase’ pigs for WEEKS at a time. Every year, we have customers who come and pick pigs then announce, “Oh, I don’t have my pen ready yet…can you hold them?”
Please have your pen ready BEFORE you come see us.
Please have feed ordered and on hand BEFORE you come see us.
Please determine a way to transport your pig home BEFORE you come see us.
If you plan on picking and having us hold for a delivery trip, PLEASE tell us this when scheduling your appointment. If you have any questions about any of this, just give us a call.

Question: Do I have to pay for my pig in advance?

Answer: No, however we do require a DEPOSIT from ALL CUSTOMERS. The deposit is 1/2 the total payment of your order. This may be in the form of a credit card, postal money order, bank cashier’s check or personal check. This deposit is non-refundable if you 1) fail to meet us when we make delivery; 2) and fail to communicate with us to make any other arrangements on picking up your pig. At that point, you lose your deposit AND your custom order showpig(s) will be available for anyone else to purchase via private treaty at the farm.

Question: Do you deliver pigs to my house?
Answer: No, we have set meeting locations, and set meeting dates for delivering custom order pigs. We deliver three times to Texas in the Fall, and one time to Oklahoma. In the Spring, we deliver to Wyoming, northern Colorado, western Colorado, and southwest Colorado. Routes are determined by customer demand and orders. To add a new route, we must have at least 30 pigs custom ordered for that ‘area’. Give us a call for more information about new route possibilities. Custom order customers are given an email with the exact location, and the estimated time of arrival as well.